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How We Got Started

We have been manufacturing Gold Courtesy Cards since 2000. Through the years we have developed a simple item into a high tech, high quality item.

Initially our cards were made using a laser which was a slow and length process

We then started using a standard card printing machine on a specially coated metal. Initially we started using a gold aluminum. We moved up to a solid brass card. With the technology available the card printer was the only way to print cards. The issues were that the color was not very bright since the machine did not print white and you were basically printing on to a clear coating which was adhered to the card.

In 2013 we purchase a UV printer. The advantage was we were not only able to print white but we were able to print white as an under base which made all the colors bright and vivid. In addition the UV ink is now applied directly to the card and not the thin coating on the card, making durability and longevity the best in the business

In 2014 we came up with the idea of a QR code on the card and received a patent for the idea. The process was labor intensive and very tedious.

In 2015 we introduced our online ordering system which has shown great success. Our turn around time is fast and accurate. Orders can now be sent straight for your smart phone or computer. We also purchased our second UV printer and now have the ability to print plaques and to print direct on wine and beer bottles.

We are constantly brainstorming for new ideas. Our products are made in our shop by us.